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    Nicks Stick Pics......

    Man no changes needed. Let that thing grow out and totm will be yours. Very nice work
  2. clamm

    FS Multiple Effects Processor & 14 Channel Mixer (Worcester, MA)

    The mixer isn't powered right ?
  3. clamm

    ORA Released Captive Bred Manderins

    Yup, these will be a true asset to the hobby. All the more reason to support ORA whenever possible...stuff like this... GOOD JOB!
  4. clamm

    ORA Released Captive Bred Manderins

    Were Mandarins hard to keep. I don't remember mandarins being that hard to keep?? Mine I always got from -b- and they would eat frozen or I wouldn't buy them... I guess my experience with them really wasn't that long, maybe 1.5 yrs...I just didn't have too much of a problem ... Others?
  5. clamm

    FS Fender Acoustic Electric

    I have a martin and a taylor that I love, both acoustic elecs, but if you want to part with the strap send me a pm. That is a good price, put it on craigs will probably get some more exposure there. Good luck! Free Bump.
  6. clamm

    FS Fender Acoustic Electric

    That strap is awesome!
  7. clamm

    What a beauty. Mantis!

    I wish I could claim this pic as my own, but I found it from the eyepoppers section of foxnews. Still its worthy of posting here. To give credit what credit is due the sight says the source is: Source: Roy L. Caldwell, Department of Integrative Biology, University of California, Berkeley
  8. clamm

    FS Music/Studio/Guitar Equipment

    Digital Reference Drum Mike set … Always in a studio and never gigged. ($60.00) ^^^^^^^ Still available, if so can I get the model #.
  9. clamm

    My 180

    how long have you had the goni?
  10. clamm

    FS FS: Nintendo Wii (brand new)

    My company has a special where I can get them for 99.00. I would be willing to try if someone wants a great deal.
  11. clamm

    Pictures of Rob's 60 cube

    nice tank and nice pics! :)
  12. clamm

    WTB Looking for a 14k Phoenix DE 150 watt bulb

    I ran them in a fixure, liked the color alot, don't know if they were good for growth, they were ok, but I think I had better results on the 10K's
  13. clamm

    Softy's tanks rule

    totm possibly here. very nice post some more pics.
  14. clamm


    great look tank, great video from a cell phone.
  15. clamm

    Pittsburgh, PA stores?

    most of what I have seen have trouble taking care of gold im still looking.

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