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    Free Shipping on $99 orders!

    Hey BRS, Back by popular demand, place a order of $99 or more and receive free shipping!. Just enter the code freeship99 during checkout. This deal is for coral and invert purchases only and ends on Wednesday the 21st. And to sweeten the pot, we have an assortment of coral on sale right now...
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    Steeply discounted DOOR BUSTERS and lots on sale!

    The final door buster is up. Liam Clove Polyps, now just $5! That's an 83% discount and will end Wednesday morning.
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    Steeply discounted DOOR BUSTERS and lots on sale!

    New Door Buster is up and counting down! Who's up for a $5 Jedi Mind Trick monti? Frags will be approximately 3/4"
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    Ultra WYSIWYG Rock Flowers!!!

    Hey Boston Reefers, We just finished loading up a batch of new WYSIWYG Rock Flower Anemones on our site. Here is a few examples of wait awaits... We also are now offering some really nice Zebra Rock Flowers and Green Rock Flowers for those of you on a budget. These are non wysiwyg...
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    Steeply discounted DOOR BUSTERS and lots on sale!

    Hey reefers, We have a large assortment of farm raised coral on sale that will run until Wednesday the 14th. Details can be viewed here. In addition to that, we also will be running a few DOOR BUSTERS that will be on a countdown timer and can be viewed on our home page. The first of these...
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    Cultivated Reef's Free Frag Pack offer!!!

    Hello BRS, We have a fun offer for you! Place an order of $150 or more (fish excluded) and you will receive 3 FREE CORALS!!! On orders of $199 or more we will even pay for the shipping! You will get some say as to what you want. Are you an Acro nut? Then we can send you 3 free acros. Do...
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    2018 Super Sale!

    Hello fellow reefers, Well it has certainly been a cold end to the year and a cold start to the new one. We thought we would try to heat things up a bit with a huge 25% off sale. We have marked EVERY CORAL AND EVERY INVERTEBRATE that we carry 25% off the normal low price. This is a great...
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    Significant end of year GIVEAWAYS!!!

    Hello reef enthusiasts, 3 free corals with any order of $150 or more (not including shipping) now until Dec 21st! Place an order and in the CHECK OUT NOTES write us a note letting us know that you want a free coral! You can specify what "types" of coral you want. For example you can request...
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    Biggest sale of the YEAR!!!

    Hello fellow reefers, We are excited to launch our biggest sale of the year! Every coral and invertebrate is now 30% off. Everyone single one! Plus DOOR BUSTERS at 50% off!!! If you have been waiting for black friday sales to stock up your tank then wait no longer. Our sale begins now and...
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    WYSIWYG Black Storm clownfish finally available!

    Good morning fellow reefers, For those of you that love the latest and greatest designer clownfish, Sea and Reef aquaculture has just released their newest offering the BLACK STORM! This fish has been in development for many years and is officially being offered for sale starting today. These...
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    50% off FALL DOOR BUSTERS!!!

    Yes we have been a sponsor of BRS for about 10 years now. A few months back our forum disappeared and we have tried contacting the people in charge about this matter but have not received any responses. It's very frustrating but at least we have access to this sponsor announcement forum for...
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    50% off FALL DOOR BUSTERS!!!
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    50% off FALL DOOR BUSTERS!!!

    Hello fellow reefers, We have some amazing farmed coral that is growing out of our tanks right now. As a result we are offering an incredible 50% off on these items! Below are a few examples... Pink Boobies Chalice Frags 50% OFF!!! Super Colorful RASTA Frags 50% OFF! WWC Grafted Monti...
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    Labor Day 25% off sale!

    Hello fellow reefers, The season is shifting and soon the cold winter winds will put a chill in the air. Before that happens we want to warm things up a bit with a sizzling 25% off Labor Day sale. This sale will include every coral we grow along with all our inverts. And speaking of...
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    25% off new website celebration!

    Hello fellow reefers, We are excited to announce the launch of our new updated website With the new launch we are offering a HUGE 25% off sale on all our coral and inverts! No coupon needed, everything is already marked down. This sale will last until Sept. 1st so...