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Sep 19, 2017 at 5:06 PM
Aug 1, 2009
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North Kingstown, RI
former programmer/analyst

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GobyWanKenobie was last seen:
Sep 19, 2017 at 5:06 PM
    1. Elmafioso52988

      Your inbox is full. I will bring a couple bags of cheato for you. Thanks and see you at the meeting.

    2. mannysmusic
      Hi Barb! It was nice meeting you Saturday.
    3. Tone
      i sorry i had just seen the message now, i had bought mine in advance but thanks for the offer anyway appreciated...
    4. DaAquaman
    5. Peegz1
      Looking for corals? I have a bunch to choose from
    6. GobyWanKenobie
      Wow, I just noticed that there was a "notification" at the top of my screen. Usually when I check the forum I get a pop-up telling me I have a message. I'm so sorry that I missed it. I hope you don't think that I ignored your message. I don't rememember when Splash was, but I'm guessing I missed it by now. Thanks for the invitation though.

      I enjoyed talking to you at Sea Creatures. My husband is not that interested in my hobbies, so when I find someone who wants to talk about reefs, it's hard for me to stop. lol If you guys have any other plans or hear of any good bus trips or anything, let me know. I think car pooling is a great idea! Sorry again that it took me so long to answer. It's weird, but your message doesn't even appear in my inbox, so I hope you still get this response. You can never have enough fish friends! Barb
    7. rmhgold1
      Hi, This Rich(rmhgold1) it was nice talking to you at SC yesterday. It you are interested in going to Splash, maybe we could carpool. Its going to be good.
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    North Kingstown, RI
    former programmer/analyst
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    Fish, Coral Reef and Orchids


    72 g bowfront - T5 w/30 gallon sump
    65 g RSM - led, mixed reef
    29 Biocube - lps reef, 14 Biocube - lps/nursery
    28 JBJ HQI - sps/nursery