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    FS Premium frags

    Pm sent
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    Hanna checkers

    I used the AlK and phosphorus, they are awesome. Easy to use. Don’t get the calcium, that one takes a long time, and gives false reading, since it only uses a small sample water from your tank.
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    Sold Red sea reefer 450

    Send me a pm with your phone number, I think I have someone that’s wants it.
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    Sold Red sea reefer 450

    Wow what a deal! I have the same tank and I love it!
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    FS high end frags for sale

    Buy with confidence! Jose has the best sps frags! Pest free and great coloration. You won’t be disappointed to take the the trip to his house.
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    WTB RR Angry Bird

    looking for a nice size angry bird. Please text me to 401-692-2425 if you have one. Thanks!!
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    FS WD

    Lol I have it, just been crazy busy.
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    FS WD

    I have a 1 inch encrusted WD for sale! Asking price is 130. I am located in providence RI
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    FS 60g deep blue shallow and stand

    Where are you located?
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    FS 120 Reef ready tank

    Send me a text I will provide you with pics
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    FS Corals

    Hey guys, I have a duncan colony with 20-30 heads, a war coral and a frag of rastas with 7-10 heads and 4 heads of hammers for $160. I am located in RI. Please text me for pics 401-692-2425.
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    FS 120 Reef ready tank

    Hey guys I have a 120 reef ready tank with stand. I also have a sump. The tank is 48 x 24. I am asking 400 or best offer. My number is 401-692-2425
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    FS Judging Interest - Tank, Stand and Overflow ONLY

    Hey send me a text please. 401-692-2425. I am interested
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    WTB 120 g stand

    Hi, Recently I bought a 120 tank but the stand is in horrible shape. I am looking for a nice looking stand for a 120 gallon tank. The tank is 4ft. Thanks!!
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    FS Wwc bounce mushroom

    Hey is the wwc bounce mushroom still available?

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