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    FS Bubble magus skimmer body

    Ok. So I’m guessing I’ve greatly over estimated the worth of this thing. My bad. If anyone is interested offer me what you think it’s worth. $50 Trade for a coral? Worthless? Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
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    FS Bubble magus skimmer body

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    FS Bubble magus skimmer body

    I have a very big bubble magus skimmer body that has a non working pump. I don’t know what model it is but it’s 9” across the top of cup and 23” tall. It’s in good condition. I really have no idea what it’s worth but imagine a new pump isn’t that expensive. Hit me with an offer. I will ask $100...
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    Sold Bose Acoustimass 10 series II surround sound speakers

    Bose Acoustimass surround sound system. 3 front cube speakers. ( center, left, right). 2 rears with stands and sub that wires ( all wires included) between amp and speakers. Also 5 wall mounts included. Solid sounding and great looking unit by Bose. Had this listed on CL and Letgo for $300 and...
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    Dream purchase

    I would def go big with something like in wall or room divider. Always wanted one for a showpiece but my wife says we don’t have the space. Unfortunately, she’s right and fortunately, she still likes me so I am happy to cherish what I have on both fronts. Good luck in your quest!
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    Stay the course?

    Thanks. Appreciate opinions. I do have an RODI filter. I just hadn’t unpacked it and get frustrated with it, but I used it for water change and it’s testing 0 tds so I’m good to go. It’s a 54 corner so yeah, the cleanup crew is prob overkill. I’m considering a blue spot or Valentini puffer so...
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    Stay the course?

    Been over 15 years since I cycled a tank, but after losing my tank to flood last year I'm finally getting my reef back. Mixed new water ( Quincy tap water). new sand (petco. not livesand) and rock that sat dry in a rubbermaid tub for a year. Ran it for a week added bottled bacteria daily and...
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    Starting over question

    No problem on the slow. I’ve learned that over the years and my wife will attest that, when it comes to projects anyway, I am a master of slow. Products like prodbio advertise adding fish in a few hours. Seems attractive but I think I understand it’s limitations. The old “ nothing good happens...
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    Starting over question

    All sound advice. Thanks. I’m gonna test tomorrow before I add an ammonia source just for curiosity. If the rock had any effect I should read something. Otherwise, or probably anyway, I will get something from an established tank and feed that bacteria til the cycle completes. Thanks for the...
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    Starting over question

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    Starting over question

    Haha. Kinda what I expected. Appreciate the response. I’m a budget old school kinda guy and have the patience to wait. I’ve just always looked at carbon dosing and stuff like that from afar and wondered if it’s for me. I keep it really simple with just rock in my sump and a skimmer and water...
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    Any explanation for this??? Unbelievable

    I think the dog is holding out. [emoji2] That pretty incredible. Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
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    Starting over question

    Lost my 13 year reef in March 2018 to flood that we are finally back on our feet from. Stored my 54 corner in shed ( empty) And put my rock in Rubbermaid tub ( no water). Just hauled it all out, rinsed the rock and set it back up. New water and salt. It’s been running a week and I’m excited...
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    JeanR's Red Sea Reefer 450

    That’s a dream set up. I’m jealous and happy for you at the same time. Looks great! Best of luck! Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk

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