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    Free Zoas

    Probably poop brown. My lights are set on the bluer side and I don't like to play with them for pics. In my tank they differ from a green to peach. They really aren't anything special.
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    My 180gal adventure

    Thanks. Hopefully I'll pick up some sps at Keep on Reefing for the top. Going to be mostly common sps, nothing exotic for me. Had a stupid me moment last summer and forgot to refill the KH dosing container for a while and KH fell through the floor, surprised I didn't loose everything but lost a...
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    My auction frags

    What direction are you looking to go in the future? Everyone has different taste in coral sps/lps/zoas/softies so if you are going for a soft coral tank you are off to a good beginning but beware they will grow quick and eat up real estate on your rocks so I wouldn't wait to long to add other...
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    Free Zoas

    I have a couple frags of these for members. Located in Killingly, CT
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    My 180gal adventure

    Updating with some pics.
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    Still using an elite here. What model are you using? I usually order my probes from BRS. I have a bunch of new ones for the lite if needed.
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    Deciding on led lights

    Really happy with my kessil. One ap700 should do.
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    Canopy for a 40B

    I made a one piece for my 40b that was 25" deep with the canopy and stand being cut out of one sheet leaving a 6" strip of wood behind the tank to cover the plumbing. Canopy opened from the front and had an aluminum light rack that slid in housing a mh with t5's. I'll try and find a pic.
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    WTB Chaeto

    Looking for some chaeto in THE CT, RI, MA corner. Pest free tanks only please. If you want to stop by and drop it off I'll be happy to give you a couple frags of whatever I have that's fragable you would like. Hammers, zoas, few sps. If you would like me to pick up please be somewhat local...
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    New aquascape?

    Set and forget is always the idea but somehow never works for me.
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    Placed an order Friday and all went well.
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    Pm sent
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    confused on cycle

    Probably a typo but salt should be 1.024. Your almost there.
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    FS Reefbreeders light

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    FS Reefbreeders light

    Reefbreeder photon32 v1 light. $150 or trade for coral.

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