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    New aquascape?

    Set and forget is always the idea but somehow never works for me.
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    Placed an order Friday and all went well.
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    Pm sent
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    confused on cycle

    Probably a typo but salt should be 1.024. Your almost there.
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    FS Reefbreeders light

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    FS Reefbreeders light

    Reefbreeder photon32 v1 light. $150 or trade for coral.
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    FS Blue spot puffer

    I have a blue spot puffer that can use a good home. He's about 4". Does munch zoas but good with sps and nems as far as I could tell. Frags are always appreciated. Not first come first serve, goes to best home.
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    My 180gal adventure

    Thanks, anytime you need a hand. Built the stand, canopy, and light rack about 13yrs ago. The sump and fish room about 9months ago. Trying to decide if I should keep the 40gal on the system as the future frag tank or if I should set up a 75gal that I have as a separate system. Both would use the...
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    My 180gal adventure

    Sorry about pic quality. Taken with cell phone under lights at whatever they were at that time of the day. Corals look much better in person.
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    My 180gal adventure

    Figured I'd start a thread for my 180. Figure more a tank journal than a build thread but figured this is the place. Tank was set up early 2017. Was set up with a 180gal display and 75gal under tank sump. 2 32" reefbreeders photon v1's, 4 mp40's, mag 12 return, clip on fuge light, and asm4...
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    Coral share program?

    This is what I believe is the original our program was modeled after.
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    Coral share program?

    I feel since it was my suggestion it's only right I offer to help only if wanted. I will be brutally honest with you and if you want help frame to finish on your house I can help with quality work. If you want help doing something on a computer I am the last guy you want to ask if there is any...
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    Coral share program?

    It's not for everyone, you have to have partial trust in people and the other part has to not care about losing a frag to a bad apple because yes it will happen. In the end it is just a hobby and as it progresses people learn who they can trust. I think being a paid member to receive a coral...
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    WTB 1” True Union Ball Valves

    Lowes has double union ball valves for about $10 with the easy to turn big red handles.
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    sea salt mix preferences

    Red Sea coral pro (black bucket).