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  1. chrisoppie

    Peppermint shrimp eating acan

    I had no idea that peppermint shrimp would eat an acan. I was watching a video from brs and the host said “some peppermint shrimp will eat acans. Apparently neither did the salesman at the Lfs. Not sure if I should get rid of them or just not collect acans. Anyone else have this problem with...
  2. chrisoppie

    Free Looking for cheato Merrimack valley area

    Like the title says any one willing to part with some I would greatly appreciate it. Thanks chris
  3. chrisoppie


    Hello all. back in to getting my arms wet again. It's been about 10 years, happy 90 percent of my equipment still works. Tank is cycling can't wait to stock it. -Chris
  4. chrisoppie

    FS FS::Outer Orbit MH Pendant

    150 watt, 3 moon lights, great light. It is in great condition, just needs a little cleaning to be like new. I Changed the bulb to a 20k, that I ran for about 2 months. I am asking $175 pick up, I am in Derry Fixture...
  5. chrisoppie

    WTB WTB Current-USA 150W Pendant

    I am looking for a Current-USA 150W Pendant Let me know if you have one you are looking to sell. Thanks, Chris
  6. chrisoppie

    FS Skimmer FS CPR BakPak Dual

    I am selling my CPR BakPak Dual skimmer for $150, these things retail for well over $200 My version is before the two Duals listed here; CPR AQUATIC, INC - BAK-PAK™ 2 Mine has a single discharge pipe Pumps are 1 MaxiJet 600 and 1 RIO 800, no boi bale. That is the way I bought it, I am the...