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    WTB Adult Clownfish

    Looking fir an adult clownfish to pair with the younger clown we have in my classroom tank. Nothing too fancy please this project is fund out of my pocket so resources are limited. Something different from the stardard clown would be cool but not required. Thanks!
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    FS BioCube LED Hood

    I have a bio cube hood that will fit either a 29g or 32g BioCube. I had this for my classroom tank but recently a different light was donated. Asking $100, all proceeds will go towards the maintenance of and livestock for the classroom tank...
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    WTB HOB Refugium

    CPR refugium or similar, please let me know if you have something you can part with. TIA.
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    WTB WTB: inTank Media or Refugium Basket for 32g Biocube

    Anyone have either one of these kicking around? Looking for this for my classroom build. If you have either please let me know. Thanks. Build Thread:
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    WTB LED Lighting and Powerheads for 36g Bow Front

    Talk measures 30x15x20 Looking to keep Nems, LPS, Softies and easy SPS For lighting I was looking at 2 AI Primes or Hydras, 2 Kessil 160/360, Reefbreeders Photon v2. However I am open to other setups. For flow I am just wanting to see what people have, not many options listed for smaller...
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    High School Classroom Nano Reef

    Hi everyone, something a little bit different for this build thread. I am in process of trying to create a nano reef tank with my biology class at Coventry (RI) High School. I found this forum recently and am hoping it will be a helpful resource in our journey. I am hoping to use this thread...
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    Free Classroom Reef Tank Project

    I hope I am not breaking a rule by posting a wanted ad in this section if so please. I am a high school biology teacher that was receny introduced to the world of feeding. I thought it would be somethinh awesome to share with my students as we already have a few class pets (bearded dragon...

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