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  1. tommy6905

    Strange creature?

    Web coming out, Vermitid snail. Harmless but will irritate corals in the area
  2. tommy6905

    FS Nuvo 10/ coral box moon led plus

    Had this posted before but life got in the way so I apologize to anyone who ones me. Purchased both new at the same time roughly 3 months ago. Nuvo 10 is in stock form and will throw in a few extras Tank-50 Light(mounting arm and suspension kit included) WiFi control-120 Or trade for coral and...
  3. tommy6905

    Inexpensive Refuge light

    Just got this in today, and was recommended here on another thread. I’ll keep u informed on how it works over time
  4. tommy6905

    Lots of fish came like that and Died - Is this sick fish?

    I think your onto something
  5. tommy6905

    WTB 40-50 aio tank

    Just checking here before buying new, would consider bigger then 50 as well
  6. tommy6905

    FS Nuvo 10, bonded pair of gold nugget clownfish

    Clownfish are gone
  7. tommy6905

    FS Nuvo 10, bonded pair of gold nugget clownfish

    Tank and clowns pending for tomorrow
  8. tommy6905

    FS Nuvo 10, bonded pair of gold nugget clownfish

    Nuvo 10 stock form, only used for roughly 2 months-$50 (I’ll throw in a nano koralia, 3 bags nano blue chemipure, media basket Bonded gold nuggets-50 Will trade for coral or mp10 and cash on my end
  9. tommy6905

    Southdown Replacement ?

    Oh ok gotcha
  10. tommy6905

    Southdown Replacement ?

    That’s still around, did something change in it?
  11. tommy6905

    Nick's Miracle Build

    Tank looks incredible, hard to tell in your video, is that a carpet nem with the clowns
  12. tommy6905

    Southdown Replacement ?

    U talking about Home Depot castle play sand
  13. tommy6905

    WTB Wtb nano type set up

    Have a nuvo 10 that will be available soon, used less then 2 months
  14. tommy6905

    WTB Wtb Nano tank all in one- IM or Bc

    Have a nuvo 10(just the tank) that will be available soon, used less then 2 months
  15. tommy6905


    Looks like a sponge to me
  16. tommy6905

    My mandarin goby has disappeared

    Not sure what your clean up crew looks like, but if something perished in my tank overnight there would be no sign of it the next day. Hopefully that’s not the case, if you have a overflow check in there and as mentioned all around the tank on the floor
  17. tommy6905

    Sold 125 Gallons Reef Ready Tank entire system.

    U accept food stamps
  18. tommy6905

    Let’s be honest and not Biased where is the best LFS

    Dongs is the best for quality and prices, usually leave freebies as well. Love the reef and European aquatics both have good selections and can order and quartentine any u want. And I agree with Chris A, ive purchased a few fish from Petco over the years and never had any issues.
  19. tommy6905

    FISH and INVERT ORDER This Week !!!

    It’s just a spotted mandarin
  20. tommy6905

    Free caulerpa-grape-macro-algae

    I’m in for some, I’m right around the corner so let me know what times are best for u

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