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    Sold Live Rock Plates

    Broke down my 180 gallon saltwater aquarium. I have some live rock plates and pedestals which add tremendously to any aquarium. Message me for pics. $40.00 each
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    WTB WTB Live Rock

    Fall River
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    WTB WTB Live Rock

    I have some show pieces at a decent price
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    WTB WTB Live Rock

    I have some show pieces resonable
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    Sold Used Seio M820

    Fall River
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    Sold Used Seio M820

    I have two used Seio M820 water pumps for sale $10.00 each
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    Sold Used Danner Supreme Mag 9.5 and Mag 18 water pumps

    I have one mag 9.5 and a Mag 18 water pumps for sale 9.5 Mag $35 18 Mag $50
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    Sold Dry Rock

    Fall River
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    Sold Dry Rock

    Breaking down setup only have dry rock left . Pedalstal pieces $60.00 each. Text
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    Sold Teco Chiller 1/3 hp

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    Sold Tonga branch

    I have a large show piece Tonga branch $200 or bro
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    Sold GFO or Carbon Reactors

    Are you still interested in the reactors?
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    Sold Sold

    Was looking for $200 for the skimmer
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    Sold AI Vega Led Lights

    Breaking my tank down I have 3 AI Vega lights with rail system, the controller doesn't work anymore but the lights do. Looking for $300.00
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    Sold Apex Neptune Controller

    I am selling a nice set up Apex Controller with Salinity, temperature, and PH probes. BRO Thanks
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    Sold Sold

    180 Gallon Reef Ready Acrylic Aquarium 150 Gallon Acrylic Sump Reeflo Hammer Head Pump Reef Octopus Protein Skimmer SRO-3000 INT Aqua Illumination AI White LED Lights 3 with Rail System Apex Neptune System Advance Acrylics Fresh Water Evaporation Replenish tank Saltwater Barrel with Gallon...
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    WTB Hanna Checkers

    I have Hanna Checkers pm me
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    Sold GFO or Carbon Reactors

    Geo located in Fall River
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    Sold Yellow Tang

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    Sold Yellow Tang


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