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  1. Joe Rice

    Green Star Polyp???

    Yep, @smiller5438 I have some GSP I'd be happy to give you. I do have bubble algae in my frag tank though. Have to make a trip to the LFS to get an emerald crab.
  2. Joe Rice

    HELP!!! Hair algae invasion!

    All during the day fish are excreting waste and putting nutrients into the water column. Corals and algae are using these nutrients and removing them from the water column. If the corals and algae "need" more nutrients than the fish are excreting, chances are that your test kit will measure zero...
  3. Joe Rice

    HELP!!! Hair algae invasion!

    Fighting it myself at the moment. I'm going to try Marc Levinson's method:
  4. Joe Rice

    Paul B's thread

    When my kids were young we had rats as pets. The kids adored them, especially when they ran up their legs, around their backs and down their arms. Or when they'd climb in their shirts and poke their heads out of their collars. Unfortunately pet rats only live for about two years, but that's a...
  5. Joe Rice

    Hydrometer/ refractometer question

    I was just watching a video where Richard Ross claims that even refractometers can be off by ±0.002. So .005 between a refractometer and a less accurate hydrometer seems well within the possible error range. Also calibrating to the zero point is not as accurate as calibrating to a salinity...
  6. Joe Rice

    Test Kits

    My test kits
  7. Joe Rice

    Ati essentials pro

    Yep, it was iodine that was the big one that was low. I've been dosing it by hand every day since the ICP results came back and I think I'm starting to notice my corals coloring up a bit. Of course, I'm always doing other stuff as well, so who knows if it's really the iodine.
  8. Joe Rice

    Ati essentials pro

    Interesting. I'm using ATI Essentials and not sure I'm completely happy with it. My last Triton ICP test came up with shortages in several trace elements.
  9. Joe Rice

    Live blackworms available at Reef Junkeez

    Got a few ounces of live blackworms today at Reef Junkeez and my fish are all smiling. I think they just got them in today. I've found the fresher they are the longer they seem to live.
  10. Joe Rice

    FS Green hairy mushroom coral - Littleton, MA

    6 or 7 heads. About 6" across when fully open $100
  11. Joe Rice

    Question for successful macro algae growers

    I've been getting good growth of grape caulerpa with this 22 watt (2680 lumen!) soft white LED bulb. But in attempt to get even better growth I ordered this Zetlite refugium light yesterday...
  12. Joe Rice

    WTB Bushings for IceCap gyre?

    Any interest in this? Comes with some unused bushings
  13. Joe Rice

    Paul B's thread

    I've been working on hybridizing Copperband Butterflies and freshwater angels. Want one? o_O
  14. Joe Rice

    Paul B's thread

    Do you ever use an in-tank acclimation box when introducing new fish? Thinking of getting a Copperband Angel but worried my tangs might need to get comfortable with it before releasing it into the tank.
  15. Joe Rice

    Paul B's thread

    The evidence that you're doing something right that I find most compelling is that your fish are breeding continuously. I've heard you say - and it rings true to me - that that's a sign of very healthy fish. It's not the case for my tank, so I'm hesitant to add unquarantined fish directly to the...
  16. Joe Rice

    Paul B's thread

    Love your style of reefkeeping Paul and would love to know a few details about your setup: 1. How many times a day do you feed? 2. How do you maintain alk/Ca/Mg? 3. Do you use a skimmer? 4. Refugium? If so what sort of macroalgae? 5. Filter socks? 6. Any other details you think are important...
  17. Joe Rice

    Paul B's thread

    What's the herb and why two different clam juices?
  18. Joe Rice

    Paul B's thread

    Adventure just seems to find you, Paul :D
  19. Joe Rice

    Paul B's thread

    My clownfish are 3 years old now and have never spawned. Think I'm going to have to start feeding them live blackworms.

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