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    I think I beat dinoflagellates.

    I had them also... I did a 3 day blackout while dosing hydrogen peroxide. After the 3 days they were gone and the water was crystal clear like I’ve never seen before actually. I considered continuously dosing the peroxide but after asking on here and getting some negative feedback about it I...
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    FS Australian gold torch

    Lol indeed it is... if I had the extra 3 bills I’d be all over these
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    Tropic Isle moved location.....?

    The new place seems smaller, probrably has something to do with cheaper rent and being closer to the highway, more “foot traffic.” They were tucked away in that beat up looking building.
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    Free 150 gal reef tank and iron stand

    Lol indeed, when it’s free it doesn’t last long in this hobby.
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    Free 150 gal reef tank and iron stand

    I went there and it was gone, the metal stand was still there though, I didn’t take it.
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    Free 150 gal reef tank and iron stand

    I’ll come get it
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    FS 2 80gal rimess

    They’re sold
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    FS GONE-75 gallon Reef ready tank and stand

    Lol I love these, it’s like winning the lottery when you’re the first to see it... until you get home and your better half is like “ wtf are we gonna do with another fish tank! Stop, just stop!!!” Lol
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    Vermitid worms

    Someone told me bumble snails... not sure though, need to buy more to see if it’s true
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    Let me re-introduce myself

    Nice... good for you. It’s a rewarding hobby that’s for sure, nothing like creating your own ecosystem.
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    Reducing phosphates

    Thanks guys, I appreciate the advice. Lol there’s defineatly enough algae to support them. I use a mp10 and it’s set to lagoon mode so it goes from being fairly high to low. My water changes I use a smaller tube for siphoning and Use that for removing the algae. Like I said before I never go...
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    Reducing phosphates

    This is the schedule I run
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    Reducing phosphates

    I have 3 fish in a 45 gl dt, 20 gl sump. 2 clowns and a watchman goby, tiger pistol shrimp, tuxedo urchin, 20-30 different kind of snails. I use rodi water, I have a 5 stage rodi BRS 150 gl per day system. Between my clowns, watchman, shrimp, snails, hermits not to much food gets missed. In my...
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    Reducing phosphates

    Well my acros aren’t doing to great, looking faded. My success rate with them isn’t anything to brag about either. I have algae growth with my nitrates At around 2. I’m Defineatly not chasing numbers, trying to improve the overall health and look of the tank is all.
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    My auction frags

    This is a good post. Do Kenya trees grow uncontrollably? Yes, it’s my sons favorite though, I like it too, I put it in a shaded spot to curb its growing. It’s been staying at a perfect size for months. My sons other favorite is his gsp’s lol, he has two different kinds. I take him to a sellers...
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    Reducing phosphates

    As you most know I’m a noob to keeping coral. My sons system holds about 65 gl with the display around 45 gl. I just recently bought a Salifert phosphate test kit because I never tested for it before. The calcium, alk, mag, and nitrates stay within recommended levels, I’ve been keeping track of...
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    Aquatic life t5 hybrid led mount

    I like it too, I have a hydra26 which is not enough coverage, two would be overkill though. My girl has t5’s on her tank and the par readings are very consistent throughout which my tank needs. I did read a review where a guy had one and one of the bulbs melted on the end. I haven’t heard that...
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    What does your electric bill look like?!

    Pay no attention to the “shame” letters you get from National grid. It’s B.S. When I was working away from home years ago, I was only home for the most part every other weekend. Only thing that was plugged in was an alarm clock and a hang on back filter, heat was gas, I still didn’t get the most...
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    Aquatic life t5 hybrid led mount

    Anyone have any experience with these? Good or bad? Thinking of purchasing one.
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    FS Clownfish pair

    Second that... mine nip at whoever puts their hand in my tank, sometimes jumping out to nip at my hand even before it breaks the surface of the water. Clowns are pretty but jerks, Disney lied to us all lol

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