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  1. newenglandreef

    WTB Skimmer--for about 200G capacity

    thanks all. What's all your take on spending significantly more on a better skimmer? I'm just not sure skimmers are worth the money in the big picture. I'll spend it to avoid skimmers giving out on me every few months though. I've never thought skimmers are that significant in the big picture...
  2. newenglandreef

    WTB Skimmer--for about 200G capacity

    So I'm now looking for my third skimmer in 6 months--both priors broke (bought used), one the motor gave out, and the present one, the impeller has broken apart. Does anyone have a good, reliable skimmer that isn't going to give out on me in two months? I really need a good skimmer. If...
  3. newenglandreef

    FS Wellsley, Groton , Bedford Lots of lps, zoos fs , Bedford Groton

    Hey can you come by Wellesley this Thursday? Any time really.
  4. newenglandreef

    FS Premium frags

    Steve, do you still have the Walt Disney?
  5. newenglandreef

    WTB Need Good Skimmer Rated ~ 200 G near Wellesley, MA

    Thanks everyone. Is there anyone closer? Schedule is tight.
  6. newenglandreef

    WTB Need Good Skimmer Rated ~ 200 G near Wellesley, MA

    Pickup today if possible. Skimmer is down. Thank you.
  7. newenglandreef


    Anyone one for sale to Wellesley?
  8. newenglandreef

    Free Free xenia

    Dong, will you be around at about 3-4 today, would love to stop by, grab some xenia and catch up? I'm coming from Woburn.
  9. newenglandreef

    Reef Deal Petco $1 per gallon sale

    Nah, just for a sump. I drilled a 90 before x3, was pretty easy with the diamond bit.
  10. newenglandreef

    I getting bored with my tank...

    Do you have any fish? I can spend all day watching fish swim.
  11. newenglandreef

    WTB Wtb 10-20 g tank

    Have a 20 breeder in Wellesley I'll see cheap
  12. newenglandreef

    WTB Top Rail and Light Connector for two Hyrda 26 and 4 foot tank

    Somewhere somewhat close to Wellesley, let me know what you've got. I already have the side mounts. Thanks! Happy reefing.
  13. newenglandreef

    FS Reef Octopus skimmer

    Where are you, RI? I'll take it if you can bring it closer to me.
  14. newenglandreef

    Lighting for my 120

    Hard to say, because I have the mount but not the rails, which I can't find in stock anywhere, so they are on the glass. But I think they will cover once I get them mounted. the tank is 2x2x4. My profile has them only in the 60's, maybe up to 80. Definitely not maxed out.
  15. newenglandreef

    Lighting for my 120

    I've got a 120 with just two 26 hydras, do you think that's not enough?
  16. newenglandreef

    FS Equipment

    PM on skimmer and MP's
  17. newenglandreef

    FS Sps colonies for sale

    Are you home today? Still on Woburn?
  18. newenglandreef

    FS Rose bubble tip anemone for sale $50. Brighton

    How much? Where are you?
  19. newenglandreef

    Sold Sold

    Hi, I have 2 hydras and got the two side "mounts" for them last night. I now need the rail apparently, which would have been nice to know last night. Any chance you can part out? If so, where are you located? Also, if you're open to parting out, I may be interested in skimmer as well.

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