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  1. pokerfish

    FS Bubble magus skimmer body

    I have a very big bubble magus skimmer body that has a non working pump. I don’t know what model it is but it’s 9” across the top of cup and 23” tall. It’s in good condition. I really have no idea what it’s worth but imagine a new pump isn’t that expensive. Hit me with an offer. I will ask $100...
  2. pokerfish

    Sold Bose Acoustimass 10 series II surround sound speakers

    Bose Acoustimass surround sound system. 3 front cube speakers. ( center, left, right). 2 rears with stands and sub that wires ( all wires included) between amp and speakers. Also 5 wall mounts included. Solid sounding and great looking unit by Bose. Had this listed on CL and Letgo for $300 and...
  3. pokerfish

    Stay the course?

    Been over 15 years since I cycled a tank, but after losing my tank to flood last year I'm finally getting my reef back. Mixed new water ( Quincy tap water). new sand (petco. not livesand) and rock that sat dry in a rubbermaid tub for a year. Ran it for a week added bottled bacteria daily and...
  4. pokerfish

    Starting over question

    Lost my 13 year reef in March 2018 to flood that we are finally back on our feet from. Stored my 54 corner in shed ( empty) And put my rock in Rubbermaid tub ( no water). Just hauled it all out, rinsed the rock and set it back up. New water and salt. It’s been running a week and I’m excited...
  5. pokerfish

    Sad day. Need advice

    So I just got access to my flooded Quincy home after 2 days and found my 54 gallon corner tank lifeless and cold. Pulled out my bicolor dottyback ( been trying for years but not this way) also one of my two clowns, a coral banded shrimp, and spiny urchin. MIA is my other clown and a dragon...
  6. pokerfish

    RODI question

    I bought a used generic RODI filter from someone, and want to change the cartridges out. It has three 10 inch canisters, plus the top tube. its my understanding that its a 4 stage system. Here's my question. Bulk reef supply sells a kit to replace the three filters that unscrew.( I'm told the...
  7. pokerfish

    You bet your Wrasse!

    This just happened last night...I switched all the contents from mt 55 gallon tank to a 54 corner yesterday. I put a new sandbed in the corner tank and, all day yesterday, was tranfering water,rock, and coral and such from tank to bucket, tan to tank, bucket to tank and so on. I snagged my fish...
  8. pokerfish

    To paint...or not to paint?

    Hi folks, I am in need of your good advice.I am converting my 55 reef tank to a 54 corner. The coner spot in my living room is ideal for viewing, where as the rectangular tank only fits in a spot that you have to get off the couch to enjoy it. I got a great deal from a member and am ready to...
  9. pokerfish

    Sea Hare Care

    I recently had an outbreak of tough turflike algea most likely caused by old T5 bulbs...i dont overfeed, use distilled water for changes and top offs, and my parameters test 0 for nitrites,nitrates and phosphates. My rocks were overrun with brown gren tufts of thick algea. I purchased a Sea Hare...
  10. pokerfish

    92 corner tank restrictions?

    So heres my situation...I have a 55 gallon reef tank that is running over 15 months and I love it and am having good success with some mushrooms, gsp, torch coral,bubble coral,duncan, and a colt coral...i have a pair of clowns, a bicolor dottyback, and a foxface...all doing well and I love the...
  11. pokerfish

    Feature fish for 55 gallon reef

    I have a 55 gallon tank with 2 osc clowns and a bi color dottyback. I have a torch coral and a bubble coral, some zoas and a galaxy coral. Everything is doing great. I have been very patient and it's paying off. My water has been perfect, thanks to bi weekly changes, about 90 pounds of live...
  12. pokerfish

    Light color question

    Hi to this forum and really like the idea of local folks (I'm in Quincy MA) sharing ideas and forming a community...I could use an experienced opinion as I am a newbie to salt and want to try my hand at a 55 gallon reef....Heres my first question...I just got a 4 bulb 216 watt t5ho...

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