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    Best location for color on a strawberry shortcake style acro?

    Title says all. Coral is doing great just does not have typical color. Currently 18 inches from 150hqi MH about 4 inches from center. Looks more orange tan than the normal pinkish colors
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    What do you feed your SPS

    Other than light, what do you feed your sps. Reef Roids, other commercial prep, seafood processed in a blender, or nothing.
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    Back after a long break

    Just getting back into the hobby with a small tank 32 Biocube HQI 150w that I dusted off. Any ideas on supplemental lights? I was going to run the MH for 4 hours to start, then dial it back when the tank was grown out to the way I want it. My old ice caps will not fit. I just need a light that...

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