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  1. FishieBusiness

    FS precision marine bullet 2 skimmer

    I bought this used hoping to install a really kick ass skimmer the sump of new project. When it came time for construction I found that this guy is Way To Big for da sump dumb ass! LOL!! Anyway as the say my loss is your gain. You can google it and see it action for your self it is a beast...
  2. FishieBusiness

    FS tank swap left overs

    Hi All, I have finish my tank transfer from 72gal to 90gal. As a result I have lots of softies that are left. There a rocks with Blue shrooms, Kenya trees, Leathers, Very large rock covered Green Fuzzie shrooms. No reasonable offer refused. All items are located in Middleboro for pick up.
  3. FishieBusiness

    fish trap for da club

    Due to my immediate need of 1 I will be purchasing a fish trap. I will gladly like to add it to the things that paid members of BRS have at their disposal when needed :D
  4. FishieBusiness

    Bad Fish needs to go help!

    I have a dwarf angel fish-Half Black common name. He has taken a liking to some of the new corals that I have taken a liking to. But his liking is the eating kind NOT the looking kind. He is nipping at all types sps, lps. I will gladly give him up to anyone interested. How do I get him out...
  5. FishieBusiness

    live phyto

    check this guy out! thx @jsak1976 for this frag too
  6. FishieBusiness


    Thanks to @jsak1976 for the info and the goods. Got live phyto and a few corals from you at the brs show. I been using it daily at 2.5ml per 25gal. since then. Im getting great results with my LPS. Just a few pics below. I get this reaction the whole time the lights are on.
  7. FishieBusiness

    Dosing Vodka

    what is your opinion on vodka dosing?? I know that a lot of peeps use this method. I am wondering if it something that I should start doing in my new display tank. I am currently using a BRS reactor with both carbon and gfo. Does the vodka replace using gfo? Is there a scale/calculator that...
  8. FishieBusiness

    What do you hate the most about this hobby???

    Ok so I'm moving from 1 tank to another and this has reminded me of the thing that I dislike about this hobby. AQUA-SCAPING it's the worst. Maybe not for a new setup but I have never liked it. Its like trying to put together a jigsaw puzzle with pieces that don't fit together. Trying to...
  9. FishieBusiness

    What the hell is this and what made it?????????????

    My tank has been running for 13 years now and it time to get bigger. I have never seen any pests in the tank other than a bristle worm or 2. With that said. I'm switching tanks tonight and started with moving rock. Much to my surprise when i flipped this rock over I find something that looks...
  10. FishieBusiness

    WTB looking for a colorful acan

    Wanting to add another coral that has some great colors. Please have pics with normal lighting as well as disneys. THX
  11. FishieBusiness

    WTB Banded Trochus Snails

    Anyone know if these guys are available at a LFS? or better to get online?
  12. FishieBusiness

    Favorite purchase of the day.

    I wanted to start a thread for fav's of the day. I got a few corals but I would like to see what others picked up. Just got in so I'm acclimating as I type. Pics to follow up asap.
  13. FishieBusiness


    Great time today time. Go to see some old friends and make some new. Thanks Tim for the food, Thanks Paul for the music, and thanks vendors for the selections. See you all next month in CT.
  14. FishieBusiness

    Reef Deal Free macroalgae

    Time to make space in the fuge. Anyone that would like some that and is going to the show on Sunday let me know.
  15. FishieBusiness

    WTB Fragtastic show

    Are there going to be any inverts or cleaner crews for sale??
  16. FishieBusiness

    coral reproduction in lab

    just read an article on the CNN app. The Florida Aquarium has successfully reproduced a coral group 2 days in a row in lab for the first time in history. good read check it out.
  17. FishieBusiness

    Please help - what has happened to my mixed saltwater???

    Hi All, So I mixed 20gal. on Friday afternoon. we had company over all weekend and didn't get my water change. I was going to do it last night and I noticed a brownish tint to the water. There is this slimish type of stuff all around the container at the water level. The circ pump is also...
  18. FishieBusiness

    Please help id this coral

    So this thing has been growing in the tank for about 6mths now. has grown well and does not bother his friends. Recently it has developed some very nice purple tips. there is also a very small 1 growing on the glass just under the sand bed is it foot and the head so to speak is poking above...
  19. FishieBusiness

    Free kenya tree and blue shrooms

    FREE!! I have plenty of frags of each all various sizes. They do spread quite well when happy. Some reefscaping helps keep them under control. Pickup in Middleboro, MA. PM to schedule pick up:)
  20. FishieBusiness

    Tank swap to complete the upgrade!!

    I have my tank all cycled in. Im going from a 72 to a 90. I have never swapped over a tank before and not sure of the best way to do so. It is a mixed reef tank with fish, live rock, and various corals. the new tank has new sand, 2 fish and have started moving over some of the rocks to help...

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