FS 100 hall sca tank /apex /giesemann full setup

Hi everyone, looking to as a complete package , just haven’t had time to care for the tank the last few months .... looking for 2500 for everything . I’ve spent much more than that in this setup ... everything works great

100 gal sca tank 48x24x20 (no scratches)
Diablo dc return pump
Giesemann Metal halide with adjustable ballasts
Reefbrite blue led strip
Ember and sump
2x mp40
Arid n18 algae reactor
Protein skimmer
Apex system
Ato with container
Dosing unit with containers
Tons of testing supply’s
I’d guess 100lbs or so of live rock , still has corals
2 maroon lightning clowns , yellow tang ....
Everything pictured and more

Pics are all from when the tank was setup and cared for


Thanks for the interest , if I don’t get anyone to buy the complete setup by the end of the weekend I’ll start parting out . Would have to get rid of the live rock and live stock first
Looks like I’m gonna end up parting out , I have someone interested in tank , stand and sump..... also been recovering a lot of messages on different equipment ..... If your interested in the rock , corals or fish send me a pm .... I’ll take 60 for the pair of lightning Maroons , 25 for yellow tang ... 100 for live rock minus corals , or 250witg the corals still attached .... will try to get pics up in the next day or 2


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For those of you that had any interest in items, I am parting ways with a lot of the items that will not be used in my “downsize” so feel free to message me. Thanks again Jason.
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