Sold 125 Gallons Reef Ready Tank entire system.


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Ideal for your home or office and for the hobbies that are ready for a big jump.

Comes with full setup – Tank 125 gallons Marineland (8 months old) no scratches or leaking at all, some purple algae starts to build up on the tank, the stand was customized, sump Proflex Model 4 3 socks - 30 gallons, return pump, all the plumbing. Plus water if you want (it's 8 months cured nice parameters water) live rocks and live sand. (NO FISH or corals)

I can sell the lights for $150.00 both (great light controlled 24 hours by it's app) here are the light

I can sell the skimmer Nyos 160 for $350.00 4 months old – This is a killer skimmer

Asking for the tank, stand, sump, sand, rocks, and water if you want $750.00

If you pay $1,100.00 you can take all - CASH ONLY

I'M LOCATED in Winthrop, MA and you will need help to move it. When I bought I moved with another friend, so 2 guys should be ok, but 3 is ideal.

Dimensions tank: 72Lx23Hx18D
Dimensions Stand: 72Lx29Hx18f


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