Gone 125 Mixed Reef- Sadly, Everything must go...


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My wife lost her job. Things are gonna be tight for awhile. My hobby has to get put on hold indefinitely. I am very sad... this was my long term, slow growth, easy maintenance tank that I planned on having for 20 years +. I am selling my 125 mixed reef. Not even sure how to part out. I’d like to sell Fish & Coral First then Equipment.... Tank is about 2 years old. All fish are clean and well over a year old. All treated and QT for 90 days minimum. No Parasites. I have not added a fish in a long time (Dec. 2019)

Pair of Clowns- $50
Niger Trigger- $50
Rabbitfish- $50
Tomini Tang-$50
Coral Beauty- $25
6 Line Wrasse- $30
Green Chromis-Free with other Fish Purchase
Huge Colony Waving Hand with Rock- $40
Huge Colony Pulsing Xenia with Rock-$25
Green Leather with Rock- $30
Duncan 5 Heads- $25
Acan 10 Heads- $25
GSP- $10
Euphylia- $25
Hammer- $25


ReefBreeders Photon V2 50”- Only 6 months old. Still warranty from RB. Bought New from Dong (Acro Garden) $400

ReefBreeders QP 9 Wave Pump- Same purchase date as above and still warranty- $50

Reefbreeders RPM Wave Maker- Same Purchase as above...still warranty- $75

* PM and I can text you videos



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Sorry to hear about your wife losing her job. Lots of that going on right now its awful.
Hard decision but I'm sure the right decision.
Good luck with sale hope you get top dollar.

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