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Hello All,

2 days away from our 3rd Annual and largest to date Frag Show, make sure you tell all of your family and friends. This is NOT the show to miss. Lots of great vendors and lots of great raffle prizes including an Apex EL.
Here's the layout of the hall so far. Hope to see everyone there. I believe food will be provided by Teddy's Lunch Box.
Vendors and Hobbyists, tag your Instagram photos @fragtasticshow to be featured on that page. Also, go follow it and if you have an IG account and want to be followed back PM me here with your account info.
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UPDATED FLOOR PLAN, looking forward to meeting/ seeing you all there. We have a full house for vendors, share this with all you family and friends. Here are the vendors that will be there:

OSA, ReefBreeders, Mike's Phyto, Coral Reef Exotics, Kimmie's Bake Shop, Greg Hiller Corals, Happy Sticks Corals, LK Corals, Redbeards Reef, Backwood Reefs, Frank's Frags, AMS Corals, Wet Pets, Pop Corals, Tidal Wave Aquatics, Granite State Aquatics, Unique Aquaria, Son and Sand and Wet Pets. Should be a GREAT turnout and an even better Fragtastic Time. Teddy's Lunchbox will be providing food. If you use Instagram, tag #fragtastic and #bostonreefrs

Thanks for allowing me to be a part of this awesome group.


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Sunday September 22, 2019
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