Event 2021 New England Frag Farmer's Market Official "Plan"



I apologize to my BRS peers for not posting this info here as well. I have been dropping info on the FFM Facebook page the past few months and neglected to post the info here (don't worry it was all the forums I forgot, not just you guys)- SORRY! Anyway, here is the Official Plan for the 2021 New England Frag Farmer's Market...

A little background...
The original intent of the FFM was so that I could host a show where hobbyists could set up next to the “big names” in the business. I have always believed that aquaculture is the key to keeping our hobby going and my hope was that if I gave everyone a chance to be able to sell their farmed corals we could create a long term model to sustain the hobby I love. I am proud to say that the FFM has become a MONSTER and some of the hobbyists who started small at the FFM have become “big names” now and have grown into large scale farmers, supplying hundreds of corals to marine aquariums across the country. I have also been a big advocate of the local fish store. They are where most of us start out and the people who have the heater that you need, that day, to save your tank. My hope was to still be able to continue this mission with this year’s FFM. That said...

But Corona Virus...
With the current virus numbers the way that they are, states asking for people to quarantine (including CT), limits on the number of people at indoor gatherings, and the fact that I run the FFM at a school, I have decided to run the FFM very differently this year... forced to, really. I reached out to a bunch of different hobbyists/shops to get their thoughts about what would work best for them this year. It was obvious that there isn’t really a good solution, but I think what I have come up with is the best option, given the state of the world right now. I present to you the


“FFM Roadtrip Weekend”

The Plan
I am organizing the “FFM Roadtrip Weekend” for March 6th and 7th, the weekend that the FFM would normally be on. My thought is that we have all been sitting around, staring at our tanks, saving up/prepping for the FFM, hoping that it would happen. I am asking people to do the FFM, just don’t do it at my place- jump in the car and take a road trip that weekend. Visit your local fish store, and then visit a few other places too. Go spend that money that you have been saving with the people who would have been a part of the FFM all along. Support the places that you would be supporting at the FFM by visiting and buying some nice stuff for your tank. Here is what it looks like for different groups:

LFS- I am working with local shops to have special sales for that weekend. Some of them are hosting other vendors, or company reps to show off their products. I have been pushing them to do a “sale to end all sales” for the FFM this year. Make a trip out to see your local shop, then jump in the car and go visit one that you don’t normally see.

Hobbyists- I am also working with the hobbyists to set-up galleries of what they have to sell here on this FB page, and maybe elsewhere (working on this part still). They will be posting galleries, making sales, and then arranging to meet at LFS, or have people stop by their place to pick up. I am going to let each hobbyist decide what they are comfortable with.

E.O. Smith Coral Project and the other schools- I plan to put some of our corals up in a gallery as well, similar to the hobbyists. I am encouraging the other schools to do the same. I feel that these programs are vital to our hobby, and the planet. We need to get kids involved in conservation and the marine aquarium hobby!

Long Distance Vendors- Most of the LDV’s will be offering online specials for that weekend (free shipping, sales, etc…). I am going to encourage them to post things in the FB group as well. I will be adding these people to the map as well, just with websites/links. I am looking to host a few FFM exclusive live sales for a few of the vendors- more info on that as we get closer.

The Map
I am working on putting together a map, with all of the locations that you can visit, including a list of all of the specials that they will have for that weekend. It will look similar to a wine trail, or brewery, map. I am asking you guys, who would normally come out to the FFM to make the trip out to as many as you can on the map for the weekend. Just do me a favor and let them know that you are out on an FFM Roadtrip!

Who will be a part of this year’s FFM?
After quite a bit of debate, and an argument or two… I have decided to limit the participation in this event to people who were sellers at the 2020 FFM. I have been reaching out to people when I have a few minutes and if I have not reached out to you yet- shoot me a message. I know that there are a TON of other hobbyists who have gotten into small scale “farming” and I do want to encourage that but I also feel like I need to support the people who have officially been sellers at the FFM in the past. So, despite the fact that I could include everyone in this type of event, I am going to limit participation to hobbyists who sold at last year's event. If anyone has any questions about that, PM me and we can talk.

Is it the same thing? No...
I realize that this is not what most of you want for this year. It has been a frustrating year for everyone, and this ends up being just another thing on the list. I apologize to those of you who really wanted the FFM to be back, just like previous years. I just cannot, in good conscience, host a huge event like the FFM at the school, nor do I feel like hosting it somewhere else is the right thing to do. I have heard the “So, what we do every weekend?” complaint. I disagree with that because I have organized sales at all the local shops and online specials for the other ones. People call the FFM “Reefer Christmas” so here are your Black Friday Sales. To be clear, I am not charging any of the shops, or hobbyists any set up fee this year. I am actually not making any money for the school program from this, with the exception of any corals we sell. I have never been in this for the money, just to put together the best reef show I can for you guys. Given the circumstances, this is the best option for the FFM this year. My plan is to take a road trip myself that weekend to see some of the shops I don’t normally get to. So saddle up, and maybe I’ll see you out there!

More to come!
I do still have a few things up my sleeve to make this just a little bit better- giveaways, contests, etc… I will be making announcements on the FB page as things come together. Just a few little things to make your FFM Roadtrip worth your while!


Current BRS President
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Here is the list:
**AC Corals (#7 on the map):**
Set-up at OSA Farm :
1032 Tiogue Ave
Coventry, RI

**Alex's Advanced Aquatics (#4 on the map)**
74 Palomba Dr Suite E,
Enfield, CT 06082
***$10 off $50 purchases and $20 off $100, $8 asst. Clowns**

**Aqua Dreams - Infinity Reefs- CT (#6 on the map)**
220 Albany Turnpike
Canton, CT 06019
***Coral colonies 30% off**
**Coral frags - Buy 4 get 2 free**
**SW Fish and Inverts 25% OFF**
**All in-stock aquariums 10% OFF**
**Red Sea Coral Pro Salt 175g bucket $59.99 (limit 1)**
**Additional specials will be announced that weekend!**
***Pat Callan will be set up at Aquadreams- CT all weekend**
TEXT AQUADREAMS TO 85100 for inner circle deals & special offers

**Aqua Dreams - MA (#3 on the map)**
8 Southwick St
Feeding Hills, MA 01030
***Coral colonies 30% off**
**Coral frags - Buy 4 get 2 free**
**SW Fish and Inverts 25% OFF**
**All in-stock aquariums 10% OFF**
**Red Sea Coral Pro Salt 175g bucket $59.99 (limit 1)**
**Additional specials will be announced that weekend!**
TEXT AQUADREAMS TO 85100 for inner circle deals & special offers

**Backwoods Reefs (#5 on the map)**
Setup at Wet Pets 520 Hartford Turnpike
Vernon, CT 06066

**Blake's Aqua Den (#8 on the map)**
1263 E Main St
Meriden, CT 06450
***20% Off all livestock**

**Blue Light Aquatics (not open for drop ins)**
***Online specials with curbside pickup at:**
HOLLIS, New Hampshire 03049


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**Blue View Aquatics**
Fragging Demos and Aquarium Maintenance Quotes
Aquadreams-CT (220 Albany Turnpike Canton, CT 06019)
Saturday 10am - 2pm
Aquadreams - MA (8 Southwick St. Feeding Hills, MA 01030)
Saturday 3pm-6pm

**CapitalCorals INC. (#15 on map)**
153 bank street #102
New London, CT 06320
***But 2 get 1 free**
***Free 8oz bottle of AminoFeast+ with $100 purchase.**

**The Coral Farm (#1 on map)**
9 Irene Drive
Westfield, MA 01085
***30% OFF! Aquacultured Corals **
***15% off website purchases with code “FFM21”**

**Coral Reef Connection**
***15% off all website orders using code “FFM21”**

**Covey's Coral Cove**
***20% off all WYSIWYG corals using code “FFM21”**

**Dan Rigle**
Gallery Postings on FB

**Dr Salomon Corals **
Gallery Postings on FB with pickup in Barrington, RI

**E.O. Smith Coral Project**
I am just putting this together for all of you. I have opted not to put up a gallery of our “crop” for this year… I am going shopping instead!

**Exotic Fish and Corals (#10 on map)**
374 New Haven Ave.
Milford, CT 06460
***25% off all not on sale items**
**$12 asst. Clownfish**
**Fish marked down up to 50% off**
**Giveaways all weekend!**
**Raffle entry for $300, $200, $100 gift certificates with any purchase**


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**Frank’s Frags (Frank Kolak)**
Gallery Postings on FB with pick up in MA

Will be at School of Fish (#2 on map - Eastfield Mall, Springfield, MA) Saturday 3/6
Will be at OSA (#7 on map - 8 Sandy Bottom Rd, Coventry, RI) on Sunday 3/7

**Golden Basket Reef**
***25% off website purchase with code “FFM 25”**
***20% of proceeds will be donated to E.O. Smith High School Coral Project**

**Greg's Corals**
***40% discount on WYSIWYG using code “FFM2021”**
**$25 flat shipping for surrounding states (NJ,NY,MA,CT,PA,VA) - free at $250**

**Jason Fox**

***20% discount on WYSIWYG using code “Ffm20off”**

**Koral Craze**
***Website specials with curbside pick up option in York, PA**
**Marine Science Magnet School (#9 on map)**
Gallery postings on FB with pick up at the school at:
130 Shennecossett Road, Groton, CT 06340
*Small group tours/visits available

**MoFo Corals**
Gallery Postings on FB with pick up in MA

**Motor City Corals**
***20% purchases with code “FFM 2021”**

**MR Reefs**
***25% off coral and coral propagation items using code “FFM2021” **

**NY Reef Aquatic** (#14 on map)**
42-32 162nd St.
Queens, NY 11358
***LOTS of in store specials including:**
***$50 and under includes but not limited to gold branching hammers, pink octospawns.**
***$25 Mushroom and goni frags.**
***$15 and under includes but not limited to zoa frag, acans, clove polyps.***


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BRS Member
**Ocean State Aquatics Main Shop (#7 on map)**
8 Sandy Bottom Rd,
Coventry, RI 02816

***ReefBreeders Lighting will be at OSA on Saturday 3/6**
***Fritz will be at OSA on Sunday 3/7**

**OSA Farm**
1032 Tiogue Ave.
Coventry, RI
**Coral farm open to the public**
**15% off all corals**

***AC Corals will be set-up at OSA Farm all weekend**

**Pat Callan (#6 on map)**
Set-up at Aquadreams - CT
220 Albany Turnpike
Canton, CT 06019

**Paul Spinnato**
Gallery Postings on FB with pick up in Wallingford CT

**Pieces of the Ocean (#13 on map)**
1664 Hylan Blvd.
Staten Island, NY 10305
***25% off with code “FFM2021”**

**Pop Corals (#12 on map)**
6701 13th Ave.
Brooklyn, NY 11219
***20% off all livestock**

**Reef Breeders**
Will be at OSA on Saturday 3/6

**Reef Crazy Coral Propagation Center**
Gallery Postings on FB and Arranged Pickups in CT

**Sea Gardens**
Gallery Postings on FB and Arranged Pickups in Waterbury, CT

**School of Fish (#2 on map)**
Eastfield Mall
1655 Boston Rd
Springfield, MA 01129
***Buy 2 get 1 free on all coral, frags, inverts, fish. **
**Fritz RPM blue boxes $40 each or 3/$100 (message to reserve)**
**-Buy one box RPM at $40 and get fritz coral glasses and coral max food free**
**-Buy 3 boxes RPM for $100 and get two glasses and two coral max foods free**
**Red Sea leds, skimmers, pumps, supplements 10% off**
**Red Sea tanks on sale**
***Fritz will be at SOF on Saturday 3/6**

**TJM Corals (#11 on map)**
231a Commack Rd
Commack NY, 11725
***Sales in store**
**Free shipping for online purchases using code “FFM21”**

***20% off online purchases using code “FFM2021” **
**(Purchases must be made before 3/5)**
**Pick ups: **
**March 6th - Wet Pets (520 Hartford Tnpk. Vernon, CT) 11 AM to 1 PM**
**March 7th - Blake's Aqua Den (1263 E. Main St. Meriden, CT) 11 AM and 1 PM**

**Wet Pets (#5 on map)**
520 Hartford Turnpike
Vernon, CT 06066
***15% off all livestock**
***Backwoods Reefs will be set-up at Wet Pets all weekend**
***Zooanthids.com will be set-up at Wet Pets all weekend**

**Zooanthids.com (#5 on map)**
Setup at Wet Pets
520 Hartford Turnpike
Vernon, CT 06066
May be an image of map and text



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Do me, and all the vendors who are taking part, a favor and share the heck out of this map and this list. Feel free to post it out in other forums and such as well. I hit a few but not as many as I usually do. Spread the word!
I am asking you guys who were planning to go to go to the FFM and spend a few $ stocking your tanks, still do that, just do it differently. Take a trip to some of the LFS on the map, jump on the computer and take advantage of some of the awesome deals I was able to work out with these guys. Remind them why the FFM is the best show around!
Oh and save the date for next year... March 5th!
March Monthly Meeting

Featuring Keith Berkelhamer
(YouTube's ReefBum)

Wednesday March 10, 2021
7 PM On Zoom!