FS 220 Complete Setup $750 Price Lowered!!


Trying to focus more on school, selling my love but it will be good for my studies. Very sad to do this though...

If there is any interest please feel free to text or call at (508) 901-0187

UPDATED NOV 25, 2018
-removed sold items
-changed price to 750$ for it all

I would do a package deal to a single buyer for 750$ because that's the easiest option for me (one and done). At this price I won’t break it up unless a few people want to buy it and split everything up.

1 - Azure damsel
2 - Osc. Clownfish (Pair)
1 - Sebae Clownfish
2 - Pencil Urchins : I love these guys

1 - Massive brain coral : traded for this a while back, its the size of a football 100$
1 - Godzilla yuma shroom : beautiful specimen, was going to grow out but I don't have the time for projects now 130
2 - Colonies of blue shrooms on rock 40$ (for all blue shrooms)
1 - frag plug of red zoas (idk the name ID it if you'd like, looks cool to me) 10$
1 - Tyree Toadstool 30$
Lots - Assorted beginner corals that have self propagated across the tank 40$

-220 Marineland tank & Stand & Canopy
-3x 250watt Radium Metal Halide Units (complete fixtures)
-Bashsea 6-24 driven by large clearwater DC pump (Chinese brand that is sold at underwater world)
-Reeflo Barracuda/Hammerhead Hybrid; Purchased a few months ago, warranty is still good, have receipts
-Custom Acrylic sump with egg crate slots (personal touches of mine)
-Variable output return loop
-4 (maybe 5) Titanium heaters
-All the RODI gear I have (Barracuda RODI unit, 100's of feet of tubing, salt barrel (30g) and freshwater barrel (55g)
-All testing equipment, many many test kits; some Hannah checkers in there too
-All extra salt, chemicals, water treatment, extra dry goods
-All my backup plumbing (I bought 2 of everything)
-Whatever else I am forgetting (trust me I am theres tons of stuff)
-Spare Reef Octopus HY2000S
-Spare LED Drivers (3 of them)
-200lbs of LR
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Yes I will. I will also give rhe apex and all its goodies to whoever buys the livestock for $700... my cell is 508 901 0187. I will photograph all the fish separately when I get home I worked a 14 hour day yesterday my apoligies for not being able to upload the good stuff yet

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