FS 220 Complete Setup $750 Price Lowered!!


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Everything is left but the large tangs and hulk shrooms and the rose shroom, the apex is dead but it’s fine on timers. I was going to get another brain unit for it and the person was holding it for me but I can’t seem to find time to get it, I’ll provide their details if you want to reach out to them. I’ll take 750$ for everything I’m done, I need out, I need these beautiful creatures to go to a more stable home, ask your partner and then give me a call. Seriously check with them before you contact me... I’m free all week except for Wednesday from noon to 6. DONT FORGET also I have an entire RODI setup with barrels and loads of supplements, just bought a new box of salt which I probably shouldn’t have done but it’s all yours if you buy it. Also can I just say that I paid 350$ for the tank and another 350$ for the stand and canopy so all the life support equipment is basically along for the ride.

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