FS $250 new wall mounted fish tank 41 inches / 12 gallon


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Hello! This was a gift I received a few years ago and never set up. The box has sat in my garage for quite some time and got dusty, etc., but the tank is brand new. You can find information on the tank at these URLs (pictures shown in these links are not the brushed stainless model that I have):




Again, this is "new" meaning it has never been used, or even opened before I opened the box to take pictures for this post. It was a great gift idea, but it should have come with installation as I never got around to it. I did not want to unwrap it, as it is packed very well, but I wanted to at least check to see that it appeared to be in good shape before listing it.

I think $250 is fair but will take best offer or first full offer as I would love to get this out of the garage this month.


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