FS 29 Gallon AGA RR with 100lbs LR


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Selling 29 gallon drilled with maybe more than 100lbs LR. Acrylic sump with aquaC skimmer. Maxi jet 1200 return pump and 2 heaters. No light will come with it, sorry. It has been up and running for 1.5 years never had any fish in it.

There is a sea urchin (no algae) and it is loaded with copepods and amphipods.

Sorry i can not part out and really need to sell complete.

$225 obo TIA



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Anyone interested in the Long spine urchin? $15 I am keeping the soft corals you see in the pictures.

Live rock anyone? I will separate and measure if any interest? I payed $5 a pound very pores with no pests that I could find. Asking $3 a pound some are 20lbs Some are show pieces IMO.

The skimmer and sump $100 for both.

Tank and stand once empty $60 No scratches in really good condition.

Thank you.

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