FS 3 BTA for Sale

I have 3 BT Anemonies for sale.

Pickup in Worcester.

There is what I would call a small, medium and large one.

They are a dark pink/peach/purple/brown color, depends what mood they are in I suppose.

Anyway. I would like $15 each or I would trade for some Zoa's.

The small one just split from the "medium one" I would say its about 3 inches across or so...it hasnt fully opened though so it could be a little bigger.
Yeah I could probably do that. Now I just have to get them off of the rocks!!

I will work on that tonight, then get back to you guys in this thread.

Ok, this isnt the best picture because my tank lights are not on this tank anymore and the glass is fairly dirty because Im not using the tank anymore.

This picture shows the medium one and the small one below it(just split off)

These are not fully opened.

These are all still available.

Now with live rock they are attached too!

Probably around 1 pound. I have no more room in my new tank and its easier than trying to get them off!

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