FS 3 Zoanthid frags - 1 Acan - 1 Hammer Coral - ~150 lbs Live Rock + Inverts



With the decision to part out, it makes more sense to post live-stock first, then go onto equipment.
Apologies for possible redundancy as a result.

Pick up in Douglas Mass.

For sale:
    • 3 Zoanthid Frags (40 for all)
      • small armor of gods frag ($10)
      • larger colon of zoanthid believe these are armor of gods too ($20)
      • 6+ sunny D polyps ($15)
    • 1Acan Frags
      • $15
    • Nicely colored Hammer coral $30
  • Live Rock $1 per pound
    • approx ~150 lbs in the display + tank in back.
    • includes all the inverts (snails) - added about a hundred maybe a month or two ago
      • Nasarius, few large, many small
      • Dwarf Ceriths
      • Florida Ceriths
      • Nerites
For ease and efficiency, I'd always prefer to sell the whole lot.

Sunny D's

larger frag of "unknown"


small frag of armor of gods






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Dave H

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I'm interested in the 3 fish how long have you had them? I don't have a quarantine tank and was wondering if I could put them straight in my dt



I have had the fish for about 3 months, without any issues. I would never recommend putting fish straight into a Display Tank, but these fish have never had diseases or parasites that I've been aware of.



Green acan and all fish are sold.

$1.0 per lbs for live rock
$.75 per lbs for dry rock
Inverts free with rock.

Have lots of each.

Leftover corals
Red/rainbow acan frag $15
Hammer $30
Zoos: $40 for all

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hai nguyen

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Thanks for the live rocks and the fish awesome buy. love the chat good luck with the sale . please stop by I would like to buy you and your wife a drink thanks again

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$60 for all corals
$.80 cents per lbs for live rock
free snails with the live rock (assuming decent quantity purchased)

free live sand / aragonite if anyone is interested

motivated to sell all above, so I can turn off the system, and part out equipment.

$50 for the corals
- acan
- hammer
- 3 zoa frags (one of them is a small colony, gotten attached to a small piece of liverock too)

$0.75/lbs for the liverock

I'm in Douglas Mass..


Would like to finalize this today or Sunday at latest, due to upcoming travel;
If someone has interest & availability: $40 for all corals, .70 cents per pound for live rock

$100 takes corals & liverock in one trip, including all snails/inverts

Corals are gone.

Rock is left. still approx 150 pounds I think. $75 takes all if you can pick up Sunday late AM or Noon (we can still weigh it, if it turns out less, I'll adjust the price accordingly)

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