Free 30 gallon long, new, 03745

Discussion in 'Free stuff' started by fishmommy, Dec 19, 2017.

  1. fishmommy

    fishmommy Well-Known Member BRS Member

    deep blue brand, black trim, black silicone.
    Nice quality tank
    Got new in a trade with a retailer years ago, never even filled it.
    No stand.
    Glass versa top and also egg crate top.
    Pick up 03745
    Make this effortless for me and you get a screaming deal (free).
    This weekend it goes on the local facebook classifieds if not gone.
  2. Fishguy7277

    Fishguy7277 Non-member

    Still available?
  3. Mike Stay

    Mike Stay Non-member

    I'm assuming this is gone? If not I'd be interested

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