FS 34g (RR) Full setup


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Selling my 34g RR setup. Its a nice setup.

-Its a 34g deep blue RR (same size of the 40g breeder but 12 inches high) thick glass. With a metal stand. $250

-Trigger Systems 30g sump $100

-36x6 ati fixture bought it new. Bulbs are 3 months old. $450

-Two finnex titanium 500w with controllers $120

-Two RW 15 jebao powerheads $60

-Coralbox d300 skimmer $130

-Waveline dc6000 return pump ( I have two it will be extra if you want the other one) $120

-Aquatek fan (6fans) $25

-Two BRS dosers with two one gallon acrylic containes $100

-Jbj ato with a 10g container $60

Everything was bought new.
This setup is one year old. Except the bulbs thats 3 month old.
I dont have any pictures everything looks and works like new!
I’m in Nashua, NH
Text me at (603) 305-9070
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