40b Peninsula Build

Well after selling my 90gal mixed reef a little over a year ago, I have decided i wanted back into reefing. We’ve moved and I found an ultimate spot for a nice little peninsula setup. I am both intrigued and intimidated by this build due to trying to keep it as clean and simple as possible.

The display will be a 40b and I will be using a 20L as a sump. I am using the tank to separate the chair and the couch in our new apartment. The tank is right at arm level when sitting, making the viewing ideal from either side.


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No updates yet. Christmas is here and the tree is up where the tank would go, so I have put finishing the stand on the back burner. Hoping to get back to finishing the woodwork around New Years and get it painted, drilled, plumbing roughed in and in place by the end of January or mid February.

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Thanks. It’s getting close. LoL. Still gotta drill the tank and make the the little cover that goes over the plumbing, but that’s pretty much it.

Still haven’t decided on a return pump, a controller, or a source for sump baffles.

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The tank and cabinet design looks great. Not sure about the linked-chain for the light, looks kinda scary :eek:.
It’s what I had on hand. The cables the fixture came with are too long. I didn’t like how low the light hung from the hanger. I will look into some other options. It’s been setup like this for a couple weeks now with no issues, but the tank is empty and i haven’t been touching it daily. LoL.

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I used hooks with jam cleats from homey for my fuge light I think they were $7 a pair and worked out great
Got the stand painted inside and out as well as got the tank drilled. (What a relief).

Still got one more little piece of trim to make/paint, but that’s not a big deal.

I also picked up some new chain to hang the light better. Will mess around with that once I get the stand back home and in place.

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