~~ 8-13-15 to 8-16-15 Promos! ~~


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Last weekend was definitely fun trying to keep track of all the different discounts :)

This week, we'll keep it short and simple: ALL LIVESTOCK 25% OFF!!! Yes! Fish, Inverts, Corals, EVERYTHING!!!! 25% off!!!!

We have some sweet gems to score during the sales too!

- Chevron Tangs
- Powder Blue Tangs
- Lineatus Wrasse
- Diamond Tail Wrasse
- Linespot Wrasse
- Royal Flasher Wrasse

... are just some of the hotties :)

We will also be selling our 'ugly-duckling' acros at far below cost to rotate the inventory -- so if you are good at coloring acros up, you can score some sick deals! (they were all picked by me from pictures ... and we all know my standards for corals are .. *ehrm* .. rather high ;) )

And don't forget!!! August 15th and August 16th are TAX FREEEEEEEEEEE !!!!! :)

- Archit

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