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Here at Love The Reef, our love for the ocean reefs is our driving passion. We are dedicated to quality, and customer care is of utmost importance to us.

Give us a try, and we guarantee you will feel the love and care provided to each coral.

Our facility comprises of almost 1000 gallons of water, with best efforts made to provide the conditions that corals will be exposed to in your home aquarium. All frags for sale, unless otherwise noted, have been healed for at least 3 weeks, and have been in our tanks for a minimum of 1 month. This way the transition and acclimatization for the corals will be far easier and help reduce losses. Keeping into account that a vast majority, and almost all new hobbyists are going with LEDs, our entire setup will be using LEDs. This way, hopefully any and all color changes and/or coral losses will be incurred by us, instead of you -- the customer.

We also have dedicated systems where we experiment with new lights and technologies. We will publish our results when available, in the hopes to help the coral propagation and hobby industry as a whole. The intention of this project is to help relieve some of the stress on the coral reefs from the hobby in the long run.

While our product line is predominantly corals, we also sell the products we truly believe in and/or use within our own facility. This includes LED lights, salts, and other misc dry goods as well as additives.

In case you have any questions / concerns / suggestions, please do not hesitate to contact us directly as we are more than happy to answer your questions and hear your concerns + suggestions!

Best regards,

The LTR Crew
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ahhh, indeed ... forgot 2 most important pieces of information! :) Edited the main post. Thanks!

-- Please note that we aren't ready yet so please no early birds ... we're going full steam ahead to get everything up and running hopefully by end of this week, so we can start ordering some beautiful corals for everyone to check out on the opening day.
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too many gadgets to fail
they r not fully set up yet...I would imagine it is combined water volume from how the statement above is written...


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Soon … very soon :) having a slight hard time getting our plumber in, but no time is being wasted! :p The web site is coming along pretty well. Hopefully it'll be live with dry goods by end of next week.


Nice meeting you today. Best of luck at the frag farmers market this upcoming weekend. Wonderful set up, I will be back!

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