FS Acrylic Sump, DC Pump, Heaters, Heater Controllers, Tanks, Tunze ATO, LED Lights


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Scroll down the page for items and pics.

I am getting out of the hobby. I'm updating this listing as break down things - more so as people buy tanks, I can list the equiptment that was running in them. Please check back as Items are being added.

Pickup in Carver MA
I am willing to ship the smaller items for $7 additional.

Tunze USA 3155.000 Automatic Top off Osmolator - New in Box - $150

29G Tank- $20
LRS Fertility Frenzy Pack New - $15
75w Eheim Jager Heaters NEW in Box (2 available) $15ea
29G Wrought Iron stand - $15
20G Tall tank - $15 - back painted white

4' LED Beamworks Light - $30 - cannot ship
24" Led Beamworks Light - $20 - cannot ship

Keep Scrolling down the page for more items and pics.
6' LED Beamworks Light - $35 - cannot ship

Ranco Heater Controllers - $35ea 2 available


Eshopps RS300 -$75 Comes with filter 2 socks


Jebao DC Pump - DCS-9000 2377GPH $60


Vertex 4" Sock holder will include 2 socks - $15
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What do you have for heaters available?
I have a fluval e300 and a pro line 200w titanium heater with a controller. I also have some 50 and 75w cobalt neotherms.
I can't believe someone hasn't grabbed the sump. Lots of space for a skimmer and reactors.