After 4+ years of LED I'm going back to halide


I will not use any other lighting. I may add 2 led strips for some of the "fun" effects. But the 3 bulbs provide plenty of light. There a few corals about mid way deep (roughly 12 to 14 inches below the waterline) that reach photosaturation about 1and a half hours before the lights go out.

The electric bill is about the same compared with last year. I actually had a day last week where the heaters never went on during a 24hr period. The tank temp was roughly 79 for the same period.


Still very happy with my choice. I did add 2 of the sol blues to my tank because I wanted to use them to ramp up than down before the MH came on. I also use them as a moonlight.

Just after install

Nov (10 months after install)
I just purchased three Reefbrite mh/led pendants with their pendants and running their 14k twin-arc bulbs... I'm only running them five hours a day while I acclimate my corals, and after 4 days my ph has risen .2 higher during the photoperiod than with my previous led/t5 hybrid.... 100% coverage of the tank... I could not be happier.

IMG_0770.JPG.jpeg IMG_0772.JPG.jpeg
What light were you using before the halides?

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Pacific Sun Led/T5 fixture. Loved it... But I really can't believe how amazing the halides look. Why did I wait so long??!!

I've spent about two hours on the phone with Tullio from Reefbrite this week. I learned so much about light! Man, he likes to talk.
I've been running the reefbrite 14k twin-arc bulbs for about a week, 6 hours a day average and the arc tubes look like they are burned a little... Is this the "burn in" period? Is this normal?



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That is normal. The mercury inside made the bulb looks dark. Actually it is sign that the bulb is new.

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