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What does everyone do when they get algae for their fuge? Dip it? Can pests come in on a ball of chaeto? I picked up a container of cheato at ffm and lately I've been noticing what I thought were flatworms in a cluster at the bottom of my fuge. Never really thought about dipping it. Now after watching them for a few days I'm more convinced that they are baby snails since a few now seem to be developing shells. I obviously don't think baby snails came in on the cheato and I do frequently get snail ribbons in the tank. Way to small for me to get a good pic. Is it possible that a lot of people miss interperat baby snails as flatworms? Should I keep an eye because baby snails don't look like flatworms and the snails are just mixing in their little area? Haven't done much looking yet on baby snails because I always assumed the eggs got eaten, filtered out, etc. This is also in the one part of the system where there wouldn't be anything to eat them. Thoughts? Things that are definite eyeable differences? I need to get a magnifying glass.


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I have had health reproduction from snail trails in my tank. The only ones that made it are the turbos and another type with more of a rounded shell with alternating color bands of dark and light. Home grown cleaners are a great bonus. As long as they don't get in your return pump and jam it up.

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