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Algae Scrubber & Copepod Grower

Discussion in 'Do It Yourself' started by UnderArmour1980, Jun 10, 2017.

  1. UnderArmour1980

    UnderArmour1980 Non-member

    Hey Everyone,
    I have just recently got back into the hobby after being away from aquariums for almost five years. While doing research for my new tank setup, i came across and new DIY project that appears to be very popular. I'm talking about algae scrubbers... I've seen a variety of setups but there's one I'm going to try that I haven't seen yet. I'm going to try and make an algae scrubber that is also a breeder for copepods or other similar food sources. I figure the copepods can eat the algae which is free so then I can in turn feed those copepods to my fish. I will be taking many pictures during this DIY project. If anybody has any input please share it.

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  2. AlbertG

    AlbertG (BadPapi) Staff Member Officer BRS Member

    Will love to see it .
    I had a algae scrubber on my 150 gallon tank and was the best purchase i did on this hoby i dint believe until i saw how many pods i had on my tank and on the scrubber everytime i clean it
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  3. UnderArmour1980

    UnderArmour1980 Non-member

    So what you're saying is the copepods are prolific in a normal algae scrubber and maybe I shouldn't try to make one that has a call Peapod grow out area because they already grow out a lot anyways?

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  4. UnderArmour1980

    UnderArmour1980 Non-member

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  5. AlbertG

    AlbertG (BadPapi) Staff Member Officer BRS Member

    Yes they will gow out and live in the algae scrubber anyways .
    They grow and eat the algae on the mesh .
    No need for a grow out place .
    The algae scrubber its allready a growout

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