anemone fragging


about to cut my first anemone, ive seen some ppl in videos put them in water with iodine after the cut. Is this necessary and would Reef Dip be ok to use?

Chris A.

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Iodine is a antibacterial so the wound doesn’t get infected. Don’t think a coral dip would be a wise idea but not 100%


If your talking about Seachem Reef Dip, I'm pretty sure it's only iodine. Here's the MSDS on it:
thanks Biggie... I am talking about seachem, from what it says on bottle Id think it would work. Im just not sure if id be better off using straight up iodine or nothing? Was hoping someone had some experience with fragging anenomes on here. Id hate to lose the nem because its an acid rain bubble tip and more importantly its my sons. Its just getting to big for his tank.


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I've never used the reef deep for fragging anemones and haven't done it in years, just always placed the 2 halves in a bucket with tank water and waited for them to re-circle their foot before going back in your tank.

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