FS Apex, Kessil A360, Mesh Top

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Recently took down my beautiful IM Nuvo 20. Changing out other things.

Check the full description to for quality of each item.
Quick reference prices here:

Item MSRP Price
Neptune Systems Apex Classic $550 $280 $270 $260 $240
Kessil A360we (1x) $350 $260 $250
Kessil Gooseneck $49 $20
Red Sea R42083 DIY Aquarium Net Cover $65 $50 $45 $40 (Brand New, bought wrong size)
DIY Screen net top for Deep Blue Professional 80 gallon frag tank $15
DIY Screen net top for 20 gallon long tank (small tear) $10
Deluxe air pumps $10
Neptune System WAV Pump (like new) $140

Non-reef things (sorry, saving a post)
Blizzak Winter Tires 215/60R16 (x4) $480 $120 $110 $100 for all 4
Tires work great of 2006 Ford Taurus and similar

Kessil AP700* $800 (on hold)

Tunze Osmolator $200 $100 $95 GONE!
intel i7-3770 (w/sabertooth z77 Mobo) $400 $80 $75 $70 GONE!
Extra Energy Bar 8 for Apex $160 $80 GONE!
Kessil A80 w/gooseneck (2 available) $154 $90 each GONE
Kessil A160we $227 $120 GONE
Innovative Marine Nuvo Fusion 20 w/Stand* $400 $150 GONE
Coralife T5 supplemental reef light $100 $15 GONE
Acrylic Frag Show Tank $100 $20 GONE
Maxspect Gyre XF 250 (2 heads 1 controller)* $500 $160 GONE
20 Gallon Food Grade Brute /Wheels $58 $25 GONE
Flipper Nano $24 $10 GONE

*Please see description and photos below
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Apex Classic.
Head unit, EB8, USB, Temp, Screen, ORP, PH.
Updated and removed from fusion so it is ready for you!
Probes out of solution and may need to be replaced or at minimum recalibrated.

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Innovative Marine Nuvo Fusion. Has some wear. However, this tank would be awesome for a quarantine where functionality trumps perfection.

(rust on hinges, dime sized part of the background in the overflow missing, 4 screen clips, 1 3d printed, stand has some water damage, slight scratches on glass, screen damaged and repaired, et)


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16x27.5x7 Acrylic box. Can make a good frag tank. Top rim is tapped for threads as it used to be a display tank.


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T5 Light. 35 inches long. 1 Actinic bulb and 1 10,000 K bulb. Great for supplement for QT. Not high output. Color is a little on the purply-blue side.



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Brute Trash can it all it's glory. Wheels are awesome. Pointing to small hole that fits RODI float valve. MIX SOME SALT the easy way!



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On the Gyre. Some of the oled is a little harder to see (A) and (B). One line of pixels is missing. Other than that they are good

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Also. I have the R42083 DIY Aquarium Net Cover. New. I bought the wrong size initially for the tank and never got around to returning it in time.

Reg $65 asking $50. This is brand new. I just opened it up and realized it would not work. I ended up needing the R42084 for my tank.

Aquarium Net.jpg

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The AP700 works great except has some places where the foil from the reflector has separated from the reflector. Photos below

AP700 2.jpg