Aqua Medic Fish Trap? Or any other trap that works?


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Does anyone have Aqua Medic Fish Trap or another trap that works that I can rent/ borrow for a couple of days? I added a White Cheek Tang in my tank today that is being very aggressive and chasing/harassing every single fish in the tank. The trap is available at BRS but wont arrive until next Wednesday or so. Please let me know if any of you have one and if I could rent or borrow. Please text me at (617) 840 9540.



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I got one you can borrow. In I’m Lowell. It’s the same trap. I’ll be free Sunday night

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Corey- 2019 BRS BOD
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I have one in Lynn seaside aquatics. (medium size) got it off saltwater aquariums I think. It can be easily disassemble when you finish with it to store it.

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