Aquacultured fish and disease?

I am rebuilding a 48 gallon reef that crashed in a power outage last year (20 years strong before that!). I have adopted a strict protocol of QT and TT all new fish before they enter my DT's. I am considering only QT the new fish and NOT doing TT & Prazi. I was thinking that if I ordered ONLY Aquacultured fish direct from the wholesaler that they would be disease free b/c they are not from the ocean. I called and received confirmation from ORA that their fish are only aquacultured and the pairs they bring in to breed are in a different building all together. I know if I get my ORA fish from the LFS it is prone to disease.. but from the distributor direct?

thoughts? Has anyone tried this?
I've seen aquacultured clowns come direct from the distributor with bacterial infections. You're likely to not get ich or velvet but I still would QT everything
YES I will QT. I just want to avoid the TT b/c it is time consuming.

As it comes from aquaculture facility it should mean no ich / brook / velvet. If bacterial if I feed them well and reduce stress they should recover.


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Brooklynella is a type of saltwater ich caused by an infestation of the ciliated protozoan Brooklynella hostilis. It reproduce asexually using simple binary fission. It kills rapidly.
It is a parasite and it is a major issue with captive breeding of clownfish.
Also, there is very few, if any, clownfish sold today are wild caught, yet this parasite is a big issue.


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As for Tank Transfer method, it wont work on Brook, formalin bath can be used for that.

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Tank transfer is for ich only. Velvet, brook, bacterial issues require different means to cure in fish. That’s why an observation period is recommended after TTM to see if the fish are clear of any other symptoms.

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