Aquascaoe questions

I want to completely redo my aquascape to make room on the sides for coral placement but I wasn’t sure if taking all the corals out and putting them back in I’m sure the water will me cloudy if it would be to stressful for them I don’t want any die off let me know what you guys think btw it’s only a 32 gallon biocube

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I recently had my rockscape collapse! I decided to take every single rock out along with the corals. Overall the rocks were going in and out of the tank for about 4 hours. The corals were in buckets for the entire length. It does take a long time because I recommend vacuuming your sandbed very thoroughly while you have access. Placing the rocks will stir up the sand, making your tank cloudy., however when you are done- place all corals back in and they will be pissed for a few hours but with good water chemistry- they will be fine.

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