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Aquatic Treasures in Watertown

Discussion in 'Vendor Experiences' started by JeanR, Jul 20, 2017.

  1. JeanR

    JeanR Member BRS Member

    Address: 35 Galen St, Watertown, MA 02472

    I thought I should put this store on people's radar as it is getting better and better.

    The shop is now 1/3 freshwater fish, 1/3 saltwater fish and 1/3 corals. Norman handles the fish and Marty handles the corals. Marty rents space in the back of the store from Norm and has a small but decent collection of LPS, softies and some SPS. Marty has a lot of $10 zoa frags and $20 LPS/SPS frags. He has higher end pieces too (scolys, acans, brains, torches, cynarina, etc...). Marty has been reefing for 10+ years - he joined the store at the beginning of 2017 and is helping to make it better.

    Not the cleanest store, not the best selection you've ever seen - but it's another LFS and Marty & Norm are nice guys. The prices are better than the other storefront vendors in the greater Boston area.

    Aquatic Treasures is definitely worth a visit!
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  2. Abrooks12376

    Abrooks12376 Well-Known Member BRS Member

    I've been there, not a bad little setup..

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  3. Jeff.:P

    Jeff.:P Well-Known Member BRS Member

    No kidding they finally got corals again! They were setting up for several years to get stuff in.

    I bought a rainbow brain coral from them 8 years for $50 that was in bad shape / dying. Fed it and got it back to its previous glory.

    When I broke down that tank it sold for $200+

    I'll have to stop by and check it out!

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  4. Chris A.

    Chris A. Formally toomanyfish BRS Member

    That's a nice coral
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