ATI 48 and 36 inch t5 sale, 2x6 bulbs, 2x8 bulb fixtures


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Used ATI 48 inch non dimmable t5 fixtures for sale. I am replacing these with dimmable t5 and Reefbreeders led. All in good working order.

The reason is that these non dimmable t5 take up three power sockets for each fixture. I am in the process of reducing power cord madness and I am running out of sockets as well.

Two 48 inch 6 bulb SunPower non dimmable ATI t5 fixtures with used bulbs. $350 each
Or $600 for both.

One 8 bulb old style 36 inch powermodule (t5 only, one fan needs replacement, replacement fan included) non dimmable t5 fixture with used bulbs, $200

Pickup in Concord MA only, I prefer cash, PayPal but I do take trade for various coral, especially home grown sps.
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