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Hi I was wondering if I could ask you about you light. I currently have s cadlights 50 long running and have an old ati light kicking around in storage. I have been talking to Dave about making me a retro like yours. What do you like about the light or dislike? Is it worth the money or should I just upgrade to Radion Gen 4 pros?

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I personally had a large retro kit and didn’t like it. It was very close to the water level which probably didn’t help much. They were strong enough but color separation on my biocube was very noticeable. I’d probably go with the radions just because of the diffuser they have now if I had to do it again.


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In my experience, retrofit led into an ATI fixture is not the best idea.

1. Due to the change of air flow, you basically give up the most important thing an ATI fixture offers: effective active cooling which enhances the output and bulb life.

2. Due to lack of lens and diffuser, led hot spots are very noticeable. Sometimes it burns coral.

3. Due to the concentrated heat generated by led clusters, unless you also install heat sink and fan “directly” on the led board, you are shortening the life of LED chips.

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