FS ATI Sunpower 6 Bulb Dimmable 48”


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Just switch my frag tank to Radions.

I got an ATI Sunpower 6 Bulb dimmable 48” programmable I want to move.
Reflectors are In excellent shape. No dents or corrosion.
Splash shield is crystal clear.
Fully programmable with one power cord and 2 dimmable T5 zones. Grew SPS like crazy for me in my 48x24” tank. It is just over 2 years old.

*One thing to note* since it was new it has one issue that was never of concern to me so I never really looked much into it. If the power goes out the clock and date resets. The programming does not reset and is alway maintained. It might be a super easy fix. I’m really not sure as it never bothered me.

Sells new for $720.
I’ll sell for $320 pick up in Woburn.

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