FS ATI Sunpower 8 bulb 60”


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ATI Sunpower 8 bulb 60” 1 1/2 years old.
$550 pickup in Woburn.

I am in the process of changing over my display from T5 and Kessils to Radions and T5. Honestly I’m not sure why as my display and corals are in such a great place right now, but you know we are never satisfied.

I got this fixture new a year and half ago. During delivery there was a minor denting of the reflectors. I honestly don’t even notice it when the fixture is up and on. Other than that the fixture is perfect with no issues. Everything works as it should. I blow the 3 fans out every other month. It will come with 4 ati bulbs that are only 3 months old.
This should be ready for pickup the beginning of July. Obviously got to get my new lights before taking this down.
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I am keeping the Kessils but I might be open to making a deal for the led lumenbar with it.

this is shot of the minor dings in the reflectors. I never even noticed it since day one:

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