Best Carbon Filters for RODI

I've been using the 5 micron BRS carbon filters and end up having to replace them just about every 6 weeks. I'm only using for top off and water changes. I have a 5 and 1 micron sediment filter before the carbon and they still tend to clog way too fast. Can someone tell me who has good carbon filters? It certainly would be beneficial to many if you know where to get good quality at a good price.


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Are you reverse flushing your unit at all? I have the 6 stage with triple inline tds, and about to order a full replacement pack after a year. I'd say I make 30-50 g a week. Reverse flush probably 10 minutes a week.
I have a 6 stage with 2 sediment filters, 2 carbon, 75g RO and DI. My sediment filters pick up quite a bit of rust which is why I have two; a 5 and 1 micron. I bought the BRS kit mentioned above in BAO’s post in mid-July, but noticed an increase in pressure and my switch didn’t fully shutoff the waste water. So I changed the first carbon with a 5 micron and was able to make water again. My DI resin appears depleted.
I ordered two of the above kits to buy myself some time to time to test for chloramines. I’m thinking of adding a Chloramine Monster after the first sediment filter.

I am not using a reverse flush, but may add that to the list as well.

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Town water or Well? I'm in the water filtration business so I tend to geek out over these things, I reccomend a granulated carbon before the carbon block to reduce clogging. I sell and service these units and 6 weeks is way to short for a filter life or else I'd be rich from service money. Also incoming TDS, post membrane TDS and post DI TDS would help.