Best Method for Gluing Rock Together


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Hey Guys and Girls,

Looking for the best possible way of gluing rock together, I have some Tunze Coral Putty and Super Glue. Should I use both , one over the other or get something like eMarco?

What works best for you?



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Arsalan was looking for some emarco... see if he found some or wants to share a box. My rock work is all lose/piles on. I have tried the putty but was told after by people to super glue and putty for best results


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I'll reach out when I get the rest of my rock. Picking up a free 29 biocube this weekend with rock and sand. A 3 foot light and another 30 lbs of rock from a relative. My rocks curing at the moment

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Af stone fix. So easy to use and dries really fast. The color is a little darker then regular rock.
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I just built my scape with the eMarco. I used it on dry rock and it works great. Definitely not worried about those rocks moving. I still have plenty of extra if you need some.


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Drilled and pinned my rocks also used a grinder with a diamond blade to cut a flat surface on the bottom of ones at the bottom of structure

Andy V

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It all depends on what you're trying to accomplish. If the rocks fit fairly well together without adhesive and the weight is supported, you can use putty like those suggested above.

If you are trying to create crazy shapes with rocks that will be mostly unsupported or that don't fit that well together, you will need something stronger. I've used regular Gorilla Glue in the past and it worked well, but you have to hold it together a long time before it sets up.


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The Emarco stuff works great. For bigger structures drill and add some fiberglass rod. I just used cut up driveway reflectors and have had no negative effects.


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Super glue gel wins. I've glued rocks big and small. I have a whole tub of NYOS reef cement sitting on the shelf (want it?) because I didn't need it once I saw how well super glue worked.


I used fiberglass rod af stone fix and thick superglue
Rod for structure
Stone fix as fill
And superglue for bonding

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