Best Method for Gluing Rock Together


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Hey Guys and Girls,

Looking for the best possible way of gluing rock together, I have some Tunze Coral Putty and Super Glue. Should I use both , one over the other or get something like eMarco?

What works best for you?



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Arsalan was looking for some emarco... see if he found some or wants to share a box. My rock work is all lose/piles on. I have tried the putty but was told after by people to super glue and putty for best results


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I'll reach out when I get the rest of my rock. Picking up a free 29 biocube this weekend with rock and sand. A 3 foot light and another 30 lbs of rock from a relative. My rocks curing at the moment

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Af stone fix. So easy to use and dries really fast. The color is a little darker then regular rock.
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I just built my scape with the eMarco. I used it on dry rock and it works great. Definitely not worried about those rocks moving. I still have plenty of extra if you need some.

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