Hello fellow reefers,

Tired of waiting for Black Friday deals? Well the wait is now over! Enjoy 20% off all our coral and inverts thru the end of the month! Plus check out our rotating 48 hour 50%-93% off DOOR BUSTER!!!

We are going to start off the door busters with $5 Bali Green Slimer frags. One per order please. This is on a countdown timer so hurry! The next one will load up on Sunday mid day. Click HERE to view the latest DOOR BUSTER!

JUST $5!!!

Some examples of other goodies now 20% off...

Jason Fox Day-Glo Favites 20% off!

Daisy Dukes 20% off!

ATL Ultimate Rainbow Monti 20% off!

That's just the tip of the ice berg. Every coral we grow is now 20% off! Grab yours before it's to late. And don't forget our LOW SHIPPING rates of just $29.99 or FREE SHIPPING on orders over $199!

Thanks for looking,
Cultivated Reef

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