Blenny eating SPS


I thought i did my home work looking for reef safe fish, but look out for black bennies that pick on SPS. I found out the hard way when I kept seeing small nips on my sps but wasn't sure why. As the blenny got set at home he showd himself picking at all my sps.
Ever since I got rid if him the sps have been recovering, just fyi.

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Are we sure there wasn't some death on the frags and he was eating the algae that grew on exposed skeleton? These fish are pretty widely known as herbivores.


I would watch the black blenny swim from his hole to the sps every now and then just picking away at them leaving large void from where the polyps used to be. So yah I'm sure the blenny
Did it and my sps are doing just find look up the blenny and see for your self.